Hi, I’m Andrew Walls

I write about space exploration, STEAM, philosophy and business. Landing Attempts is a platform to engage and empower the next generation of thinkers and doers in the exciting future of private and public spaceflight.

I have a background in entrepreneurship. Landing Attempts acts as a journal chronicling and sharing my journey towards becoming a successful aerospace entrepreneur. I believe information is power and thats why I try and make every step of my journey as transparent as possible through my writing and videos.

Why Landing Attempts

Space exploration is scary. Its a huge, challenging and terrifying topic. Landing Attempts exists to help make average people comfortable with the science and nature of it and to convince STEAM students to embrace the chase fully and live up to their potential.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. So every article, video or other piece of content is backed by research, and fact checking to ensure its authenticity.

You, The Reader

Landing Attempts doesn’t exist in a bubble. Its only through the engagement, support and feedback from you the reader that any of this could exist. I love my supporters and every person who’s contributed in some way to Landing Attempts (even if its just me using their graphics) is listed on my Thanks page.

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