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How To Make The Future

…is a 35 page eBook about personal development for those who want to achieve big things.

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Back in the far away land of 2014 I first started writing online. Some tentative Quora answers and a stab at web design later, I’d created the personal development blog Grasping Triumph (logo to the right). I was ecstatic.

Channeling the muses and my inspiration from works like Mastery by Greene, Unto This Last by Ruskin, and Walden by Thoreau, I tried to reframe what it meant to be successful.

People seem to have forgotten that wealth isn’t money, pleasure isn’t fulfillment and a good life can’t be lived alone. My few readers listened. I didn’t understand SEO, engaging with community or any other touted rapid growth methods and the site never grew. But the feedback I got was positive.

People knew that their lives could be better, but they didn’t know how. What I had to write, while not life changing, was encouraging and helped reframe the battle. It wasn’t an individual against a hostile world trying to sap away their happiness, it’s a shared journey amongst peers all of whom are fighting the same battles for meaning and happiness.

I kept writing and eventually assembled a somewhat substantial body of work tackling weighty subjects like fulfillment, transcendence, purpose, passion and other buzzwords that hint at a desire for deeper understanding and meaning.


Grasping Triumph is dead but it’s ideas aren’t

How to Make the Future CoverLife has a way of keeping you moving and so I moved onto other projects and took down Grasping Triumph. It was dead. But the writing and understanding I’d gained from it hadn’t. Time passed and my volume of writing started to dwindle. Then in 2016 I started to slowly cultivate a new idea. To combine the design and writing skills I’d gained from Grasping Triumph and put it to work towards my dream of founding a startup in the growing private spaceflight sector. From that inkling Landing Attempts gradually took shape.

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A guide to creating a better future

Fulfillment as a spectrum

How to make the future began as a framework for organizing ideas about personal growth. The purpose? To achieve fulfillment. People who are fulfilled and creating at their best can’t help but have a significant impact on the world. Change begets change.

So when a society is flush with driven, innovative people pursuing change in their fields. Wonderful crossovers and ideas take flight and the world never looks the same again. It’s beautiful. Fulfillment can be thought of as a spectrum that each person falls somewhere on. This book is designed to help you find how to push yourself further along that spectrum.

Mind Over Matter

Excerpt From “How to Make the Future”

I organized this framework for achieving fulfillment under the categories Self Discovery, Body, Mind and Soul. Taking a page from Prometheus Rising each of the 5 main chapters have helpful exercises that help people of any ability level to begin improving immediately. Beyond that there are helpful explanations, insights and quotes all of which help to inform and inspire.

Now, of course, you’re probably thinking “why should I care?” Which is valid. I don’t know you. I don’t know your background and to presume I can “fix” your life is arrogant. That’s why “How to Make the Future” isn’t written as an absolute. It’s written to explore complex topics like what exactly a ‘happy’ life is in a way that helps you, the reader, to coe to your own conclusions about what your fulfilling life could look like.


“How to Make the Future” is a tool

Perhaps you’re okay. You love your work, you have meaningful relationships with your friends and family. You know the work you do makes a difference and you’re content with your trajectory, habits and self understanding. Or maybe you’re not and could use a little help. Or just something to help you frame your thoughts and figure out what you believe.

Because that’s all how to make the future is. It’s a tool to help you live a more fulfilling life. If that’s something you could use, click below to give it a no obligation download. You don’t have to read it, but even downloading it is a statement to your subconcious that you want to live with more meaning. Enter ‘0’ under price to download it completely free or give Landing Attempts a donation and support our mission to inspire and engage about space and entrepreneurship.