Don’t make stuff because you want to make money… it will never make enough money.

Don’t make stuff because you want to get famous… because you’ll never be famous enough.

Make gifts for people.

And work hard on making those gifts in the hopes that those people will notice.

Maybe they will notice how hard you worked… and maybe they won’t.

And if they don’t notice, I know it’s frustrating. But ultimately that doesn’t change anything.

Because your responsibility is not to the people you’re making the gift for…

But to the gift itself.

-John Greene, from Zen Pencils


These resources are my gift to you.

They’re things that I use, places I visit and things that I love.

If this list can lead even one person to something that brightens there day or teaches them something useful, I’ll be happy.

Like you, I’m always learning and I’ll keep expanding this list as I find more awesome things we can learn from.




Blogs I Like

WaitButWhy – Tim Urban is one of those guys you like just from reading they’re




Oliver Emberton


My Favourite Books

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions: 50th Anniversary Edition – Kuhn


The High Frontiers: Human Colonies – Gerard K O’Neill

Mastery, Greene – Helped me to understand that genius is hard work. That people who excel find things they care deeply about and pursue excellence in them, not because they want greatness but because they finds a deep personal fulfillment in that journey. Helped me to understand what fulfillment and deep existential satisfaction could potentially look like. I havent looked back.

Foundations series –

Michio Kauku – Most well regarded book

The last question – This book helped at a young age to understand the vastness of intelligence as it relates to the passage of time. We’re just a dot, not just in time but in the history of intelligence.

Book that makes astronomy amazing

Manifold: Time – This is the fist book that let me understand what a “Multiverse” could concieveably look like.

His Dark Materials Pullman – Just amazing gems. I was past the Tolkien generation and this felt like that for my time. Picked them up as a kid and reread them again and again like with the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Stroud.


Favourite Quotes


Cool Stuff

Cool stuff is cool. Heres a big list of cool visuals and things I’ve found which help to either explain/visualize some of the more abstract concepts of space or help shed light on some often misundestood things about it. Share, enjoy, completely ignore. Like space – the possibilities for what you can do with this stuff is seemingly endless!

If the moon were only 1 pixel

Wanderers – – a short film by Erik Wernquist – Jessica Jackley link video

Find some sort of space launch travker. That charts upcoming launches and pushes video and whatnot out.


Wanderers – – a short film by Erik Wernquist

Places To Learn

Learning is good right? Well heres plenty of it. Sometimes (that is to say all the time) I encounter things I don’t understand or don’t know enough about. When that happens I usually just start by googling and reading what smarter people have written about it. But when the topics are broader like say “astronomy” or “coding” these are some of the resources I use and have used to further my learning.

Free book sources – gutenberg,–ph100


Code School



Things I Use to Run Landing Attempts


DreamHost is my hosting provider. I haven’t tried the other big guys BlueHost or HostGator. But I haven’t needed to because DreamHost has always this sites needs.


WordPress baby! Its an awesome CMS system and much simpler to use than the other one I’ve tried Joombla. Except for installing WordPress multisite. That was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.


As of now I’m running the Hueman theme for the blog and Woocommerce’s Storefront theme for the Landing Attempts Store.


Its the nature of WordPress to use a lot of plugins. If you want to know about how I do any specific thing i.e contact form, social counter. Just send me a message from the contact form.


Email management system. All the email subscription boxes have API codes in them generated by MailChimp. They manage the email list and whenever I send out a newsletter its using their email design software.


Landing Attempts is supported via donations (from Patreon and PayPal), selling merchandise (fulfilled and dropshipped by Printful) and through Amazon affiliate links for things like books and other products. We don’t use ads because they’re gross and misrepresent what this community is about. And its my intention to one day write an eBook and offer that to people. It might cost money, it might be free for subsrcibers or just free for all readers, I’m not sure yet. So stay tuned.

Social Media

Landing Attempts primarily runs on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. If I had more time I’d try and get a presence going on Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ but theres only so much I can do. As it is trying to find and share meaningful content for you guys is hard enough on the three I do prioritize. I should note I use software called MassPlanner to automate as much of the social media as I can. Its incredibly helpful but has a bit of a dark reputation from its use in spam and automated marketing.

Other Things

I use plenty of tools for everything on Landing Attempts from designing the sites UI, and graphics to writing articles and sharing content. If you have any questions at all about any aspect of this sites upkeep just ask in the contact from. This sites an open book! (Except reword pun for a website. So open blog or something…).


awesome blogs and websites and biographies

people like astro abby

long list give people everything I find useful.

Richard Feynman (bio in books?)

Peter Diamandis

Martine RothBlatt

Alan Watts