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Welcome to the Landing Attempts Shop

Space exploration is scary. Its a huge, challenging and terrifying topic. Landing Attempts exists to help make average people comfortable with the science and nature of it and to convince STEAM students to embrace the chase fully and live up to their potential.

This shop exists to support that mission. Space themed apparel and products serve to both support the larger mission of Landing Attempts mission and give readers a way of sharing their love and support for what we do.

Where You Come In

Well you’ve got a few options here. If you’re eager to support Landing Attempts you can purchase some of the cool pieces we’ve got in the shop ranging from yoga pants, shirts, the official Landing Attempts hat and so on. The prices listed are what you pay – with free NA shipping and taxes included (like in Australia mate).

The Landing Attempts eBook is free to download. It’s a great resource for anyone struggling to find where they fit into this world or whose ambitious but not getting the results they’re capable of. Find out more about it here or download it directly here.

Or if you’re really generous you can even donate to the Landing Attempts mission and support more STEM oriented content about the growing space industry and where it intersects with entrepreneurship. Find out more about supporting Landing Attempts here.

No matter what you choose to do I appreciate you visiting and I hope Landing Attempts has in some way been of service to you. As part of a community of science writers and educators we’re all working together to make STEM a larger part of peoples lives and to share our passion for space and the possibilities of the future. Excelsior! (so bad..)