Milky Way Galaxy Wall Art




The Milky Way Galaxy contain’s both milk and whey and thus this print is perfect for the aspiring bodybuilder in your life. Or the artsy friend who likes things that mean things. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for your incredible depth and deep meaningful thoughts? Perhaps your child just loves space? With a print like this you’ll suddenly find yourself able to ponder deep questions like those.
*Guaranteed to double instances of that moment where you sort of stare at something and look like you’re thinking really hard.

That’s right – you asked for it and we delivered! Print specifications!!
• 10 mil thick (10x as thick as 1 mil)
• Slightly glossy (only slightly)
• Fingerprint resistant (Try it yourself and see. Fingers cannot touch it. It’s not possible!)
• Shows a 13.21 billion year old galaxy
• Print is not 13.21 billion years old (probably)
• Impress friends, wonder about things with style. Be one of those people with cool art on their wall. The possibilities, unlike the parameters of this print, are endless.

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