Landing Attempts Polyester Pillow



That’s right! Now you can sleep with Landing Attempts. Oh… wait no not like that. As in Landing Attempts can be in your bed with you. Wait… No. It’s a pillow nothing else. You use it to make you comfortable in bed.. or I guess the car or anywhere else the urge strikes you.. to use a pillow. Just a pillow, a very comfortable polyester filled one with the Landing Attempts Mars logo on both sides and a mchine washable cover. So c’mon sweet child of mine and carry on my wayward son onto this pillow.

The One and Only Place to See THE Landing Attempts Pillow Specs
• 18”x18”
• Machine washable cover
• Concealed zipper
• Printed on both sides, leave no side without a thing besides intimidating emptiness
• Pillow case cover: 80% polyester, 20% fleece
• Pillow case insert: 100% polyester
• Almost definitely a pillow (or at least something you could probably rest your head on)

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