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Give Landing Attempts a Helping Hand

Landing Attempts has expenses, mostly web platform stuff like servers, and services. Naturally, these cost money. Information is power, thus Landing Attempts is made freely available so people of any means can access it.

For those who can afford to, supporting Landing Attempts keeps this mission alive. It keeps content being produced with journalistic integrity so people can understand complex issues about space and the future of our species.

That requires support and we make every effort to get that support without distracting from the larger mission. 

Hopefully at this point you’re saying to yourself…

I’m onboard, how can I help?

Or you’re just so eager to keep reading our content that you’re not even paying attention anymore, which is cool. Dive in my friend.

Otherwise here’s how you can help support Landing Attempts;

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Whether or not you choose to support Landing Attempts

I’ll emphasize that the creative process is challenging and time consuming no matter your medium or practice. Artists need support to continue producing thought provoking work and we need our artists because they confront complex issues and keep the human race on our toes and marching forward in an ethical manner.

Support them in any way you can. They need and deserve it.

-Andrew Walls